The Best Hidden GPS Tracker For Car!

The Best Hidden GPS Tracker For Car!

In recent days tracking of your vehicle plays a great role to increase the security of your property. Due to easy installation and multifunction options of tracking to your car or anything had made your daily life easier than before when you are not around with it.  You have the opportunity to get tracking anywhere in the world because the hidden GPS car tracker works seamlessly via the internet.

You can use the GPS tracker for several purposes.

  • For your school going, Childs
  • Location about your assets
  • Track your drivers activate
  • Keep an eye on your Teenagers
  • Knowing the activities of elder persons
  • Or something else where you need to tracking remotely.  

That tracker is really useful when you are not around with your valuables. Below we’ll discuss several hidden GPS trackers for the car.

Here the top 10 Best Hidden GPS Tracker For Car

1. 4G EON 4 Long Life GPS Tracker

The brand Brickhouse Security is offering 4G EON 4 Long Life GPS Tracker. With this tracker, you can get both GPS and WiFi tracking facilities as long as you’ve WiFi facilities. You can get connected with the tracker anywhere you belong to so, it will send you all to relent information about your asset is located. If the tracker moves it will send you a notification as you want.   

EON 4 Tracker

The EON-4 can be used not only for your family members tracing, but it also used for company car tracking or boat, even your riding lawnmower, any asset where you want to set the tacking.

Through internet access, you can get the tracking information from any computer, tab or any cellphone as you want. You can use iOS and Android apps for getting the tracking information in real-time. Besides, you’ve email and text alert options are available if you need in case of the new driver to send location guide.  

The Eon 4 requires 4 AA lithium batteries for operating the tracking system, but the battery life is up to 5 years if you set the 12 hours geo-location pings.  This is tracker weight 14.6 ounces and dimension is 4x4x1 inches.

This tracker ideal for:

  • Home and car
  • Business industries (having several verities)
  • Constriction sites
  • Agriculture industries  
  • Small industries


  • Cloud Web Server used for tracking storage
  • All-in-one tracking Solutions
  • 30 hours constant tractability
  • The extra-long battery life of up to 5 years
  • Allows GPS and WiFi compatibility
  • Can be tracked by PC or Smartphone
  • 14+ Years Standby Power


  • Only coverage on the North American continent

2. Optimus 2.0 Tracker

If you are looking for a reliable and small tracker, Optimus Tracker offers some awesome products to the customers by where the Optimus Tracker can make our daily life easier than before. You can use the tracker for several purposes as for using inside of the car or inside of your children’s school bag or elsewhere you need. Most the customers prefer the feature by far is the Geofence, where you can get the text message alert time to time when your car is out of your garage. Even you can know your old parent’s real-time locations Which is the best safe tracker!.  

Optimus 2.0

This Optimus Tracker is user-friendly which is too easy to install and setup. This tracker can be installed via iPhone and Android App to get superfast tracking scopes. You can set the tracker to your car where the driver may not notice it when the car moves, the tracker will send you to signal about it. If the location is same or no movement, the tracker will be sleeping to save the battery life.

The tracker is 1 x 1.5 x 3 inches and 3.36 ounces weight help you to set anywhere of the tracker. This Optimus Tracker needs 1 Lithium-ion battery to operate the tracker, but simply you can use the battery minimum for 1-2 weeks.


  • Very Lightweight
  • Easy to install
  • Can be used anywhere
  • User-friendly device
  • Security of enhancement
  • Anything can be tractable if they move.
  • Email Notification options


  • Requires batteries
  • Works only in The USA


Are you looking for a bestselling and user-friendly GPS tracker? GT-200 4G LTE GPS tracker has been launched by ABLEGRID based on customer’s feedback and issues. To provide greater network signal coverage, ABLEGRID installed 4G LTE with this tracker. It can be used for both vehicles and people as you need. GT-200 4G LTE GPS tracker designed with very lightweight and compact in size where you can get 30 days battery life to bring it one of the best hidden GPS Tracker For Car.


The tracker used for:

  • Vehicle tracking
  • Fleet tracking
  • Child tracker
  • Assets tracker
  • Elders tracking
  • Personal safety tracking and so on

Features of the GT 4G LTE GPS Tracker

  • GPRS: Class12, TCP/IP
  • Battery: 6800mAh
  • GPS Precision: ≤15ft
  • Waterproof: IP64
  • Working Voltage: 3.4-4.2V DC


  • 4G network coverage
  • Modern Chip installed
  • Global SIM card integration
  • User-friendly App
  • Real-time GPS tracking
  • 1-year warranty
  • Different sizes and with battery lifetime
  • Live chat/email support


  • None as of yet.

4. PRIMETRACKING Personal GPS Tracker

The Prime Tracking personal GPS tracker is designed especially for vehicles tracking loved ones, pets, children, elderly relatives or anything else you can set the tracking. To ensure 100% safety, the tracker helps to track your valuable car, person’s current location in real-time. The brand “Prime Tracking” developed the device with modern cheap and the battery life is more than two weeks, so you don’t need to worry about charging within 14 days.


You can always stay connected when you are not with around whenever a teenage driving, your child coming the home, precious materials coming to the factory, senior taking public transport, baby strollers and so on. Overall Prime Tracking is offering a total solution of your valuables real-time notifications besides it can help you to bring peace of mind.

Basic features of Prime Tracking personal GPS tracker :

  • Dimensions: 2.7 x 1.5 x 0.9 inches
  • Weight: 2.24 ounces
  • Batteries required: 1 Lithium Polymer.
  • 4G LTE tracker


  • Ideal for car tracking
  • Using app you can easily navigate the locations.
  • User-friendly device
  • Perfect for track drivers to know speeds and logistics
  • Have emergency button (SOS)


  • None as of yet.
  • Works only inside the US

5. Trak-4 GPS Tracker

If you need to track your vehicles, assets, equipment, trailers, loved ones you can simply take the Track-4 GPS tracker. Because this tracker is really easy to install and use no prior/specific knowledge is required to start tracking just need to sign in and ready to go.

You can use the tracker with unlimited cellular data with a SIM card. With the text and email notification, you can get the updates of your car, person’s exact location within a moment. It also notifies you when the battery gets lower, so you can recharge the battery before it turns off with your USB cellphone charger.

Basic Features of Track-4 GPS tracker :

  • Geofencing capability
  • Ideal GPS tracking for assets, inventory, and vehicles
  • Can be used through Computer, Phone, or Tablet
  • Dimensions: 4.1 x 2.2 x 1.1 inches
  • Weight: 6.4 ounces
  • Batteries required: 1 Lithium Polymer. (Included)


  • If you use single day reporting, the batteries will not charge 12-18 months with a single charge
  • Easy to mount with your car or any vehicle
  • Weatherproof device
  • Flexible in ping rates
  • Real-time location tracking
  • Bulk device management


  • Works only inside the US

6. BrickHouse Security Spark Nano

BrickHouse Security Spark Nano tracker is a very small tracker in the tracking industry if you are looking for small size tracker, and Hidden GPS Tracker For Car this might be the best choice. This tracer is specially designed for using hidden tracking in your vehicle, small business, kids, personal security issues or anything you need to set the tracking.


The users can get real-time tracking opportunities with this smaller size tracker. Where you can use the battery life more than 2 weeks with 1-hour daily use and it can be access able with your computer, lab, or smartphone. You can use the app (both Android and iPhone users) to get extra features of navigating the tracking on your target.

You can use month to month subscription plan. You don’t need to use this BrickHouse Security Spark Nano for the long term is you don’t like their service quality. You always have the cancellation options anytime when you want. If you reactive the plan, you can do it simple online activation.


  • BrickHouse GPS Platform will be used
  • Tracking through App
  • 1-Minute Reporting capability
  • Service areas throughout North America
  • Faster tracking speed
  • Full traveling reports
  • (SOS) Panic Button
  • Water-resistance case


  • Users need to purchase an international plan if they need to use outside of North America

7. LandAirSea 54 Waterproof Magnet Mount

LandAirSea 54 Waterproof Magnet mount is specially designed and manufactured in the USA. The Brand LandAirSea 54 uses GPS and cellular technology for tracking your valuables including vehicle, assets or anyone in real-time with extreme precision. It is built with withstand capability in extreme conditions. The device designed with a magnet and waterproof device which offer you the opportunity to discreetly hide it under a car, track or on any asset that needs to set the tracking system.


LandAirSea 54 is powered by a rechargeable battery; which can last 1-2 weeks (depending on the use of your tracking frequency). You can set the tracking to your school-going children to know the exact location where he/she is now. With the View of a map, you can easily know where and how your teenage driver has been driving as well as which locations she already used.

It becomes super easy to track your spouse or partner to see where he or she is now (locations), you can also get previous locations information as well with the help of text/notifications. Besides, you can get notified if your elderly father wanders too far away from his home, and you can easily connect with him and guide to back in safely. Basically it’s really amazing features to make your daily life super easier, which helps to bring peace of mind as well because of using this Hidden GPS Tracker with your Car  


  • Easy to operate the software
  • Use of LandAirSea mobile App (Android and iOS)
  • Best Hidden GPS Tracker For Car in 2020
  • Historical playback options  
  • Geofencing and address proximity alerting
  • Alerts via text (SMS) and email
  • Faster tracking speed with major carriers like AT&T and Verizon
  • Use of latest 4G LTE cellular technology
  • Small in size of the tracker
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Users need to purchase an international plan if they need to use outside of North America

8. Global-View.Net Hidden Magnetic GPS Vehicle Tracking

This Hidden Magnetic GPS Tracker and GPS Tracking service are excellent tools to gather information about employees, loved ones, or simply to keep an eye on your assets. Our standard service works seamlessly in over 140 nations! On average the device will last from 6 – 8 weeks each charge. Additional Vehicle Tracking Devices from the industry generally last about two weeks! Setup is EASY! 1st, make sure that you have activated your device by registering your GPS Tracking Device on our website. Then simply login to your accounts, slap the Magnetic GPS Tracking device onto a flat metallic surface and begin tracking! We try to make this solution as turn-key as possible. The software system may give you e-mail or text notifications whenever specific events are triggered.

For instance, when the vehicle travels out of a particular area (Geo-Fence) the machine can send you a text or e-mail message. You might even utilize Global-View’s unique TIME MACHINE feature, this essentially enables you to re-play a whole trip or trips that the apparatus has detected. You’re able to receive alarms when the vehicle goes over a certain rate to keep an eye on employees, teenage drivers, or elderly parents. These are just a few of the numerous capabilities. Our Vehicle Tracking Devices and Car Tracking System can also be used as an anti-theft tracker. On top of that, we offer U.S. based technical assistance.

They have 4 channels of communication, our web chat support, email, text, or telephone calls. In summary, our apparatus and support are excellent possibilities for business owners with a fleet of vehicles that they need to track, concerned family members who wish to keep track of loved ones, or people who wish to know where there are resources are in all time. In case you have any queries feel free to reach out! We look forward to hearing from you! -Requires a monthly support program which commences at $19.99 per month.


  • Easy 10-second installment – Just attach it to some level magnetic metallic surface on your car or truck two Month Rechargeable Lithium Battery – Best In Class!
  • Low Price Service Plan Starting at $19.99/month – No Fee, No Fee, Cancel Any Time Service Includes entry to some Free GPS Tracking App,
  • Cloud Hosted Web Program (available from any Internet browser), Data Plan, as well as 6 weeks of Information Storage.
  • Automated Alerts – Get an email whenever your motorist leaves a designated place, rates, once the automobile tracking device begins to move, etc…
  • Collect references so that you may observe excursions shot, speed, stops, and much more.
  • This Magnetic GPS Trackers and Fleet Tracking Service operate globally! More than 140 nations are included in our normal support!


  • Users need to purchase an international plan if they need to use outside of North America

9. 4G LTE Magnetic GPS Tracker By Brickhouse Security

4G LTE Magnetic GPS Tracker

This GPS tracker is the most innovative version of our bestselling, mobile GPS tracker which comes equipped with all you want to create this mobile tracker as strong as you can. This kit includes the mobile GPS tracker, an elongated battery, and also a magnetic instance for simplicity of usage.

The added extended battery ensures that you receive all of the time you will need for monitoring, upping your battery life to around 4 weeks more than using the conventional battery (according to regular usage of approximately 1 hour every day.) Together with the 4G mobile service which gives the quickest reporting in all North America, you will have confidence knowing precisely where your GPS tracker is constantly.

The 140-Day 4G Magnetic GPS Tracker is the most mobile-friendly and easy-to-use GPS tracker on the industry and provides you with all the most important long-term GPS monitoring features, such as real-time place upgrades, rate alarms, along with a smartphone program to help keep you constantly linked.

If you are really looking for Hidden GPS Tracker For Car, whether you may use the 140-Day 4G Magnetic GPS Tracker to monitor the moves of your precious assets, to track the motions of company vehicles, or whatever else, the 140-Day 4G Magnetic GPS Tracker will supply you with dependable coverage and precise updates as frequently as you want. With this incredibly long battery lifetime, the 140-Day 4G Engineered GPS Tracker is excellent for the long term, on-the-go monitoring.


  • Long-lasting battery that will supply you with up to 4 extra weeks of monitoring with routine usage
  • 60 Second Upgrades in your tracker’s place
  • Slap and monitor magnetic instance features 8 high-definition magnets so you can easily connect it to an advantage or vehicle and Start monitoring its whereabouts immediately
  • Waterproof case protects the GPS tracker also guarantees that your place will maintain reporting even if subjected to unanticipated weather conditions
  • Quick Track enables your switch into a quicker monitoring speed when you want more information about what you are monitoring


  • The support Team Should be more active for customer issues!

10. GPS Tracker For Vehicles No Monthly fee

 GPS Tracker For Vehicles

This Jimi GV20 is one of the best hidden GPS Tracker For Car which allows universal GPS tracker using hardwire kit utilizes 3G system (WCDMA 850/900/1900/2100MHZ), higher-speed data transmission, outstanding protection, no 2G worries; and the triple methods of GPS finding AGPS + LBS + GPS placement, makes GPS place accuracy < 10m, updating time fast to 10s, allow the location to be pinpointed in real-time or periodically. JimiIoT GV20 3G Vehicle Car GPS Tracker Tracking Device Mini GSM GPRS SMS Locator Global Real Time for Auto Auto Vehicle Motorcycle Fleet Management. Water-resistant to guarantee stable operation in demanding Atmosphere

Configurable Tracking Techniques
Location uploaded after fixed space, time period, preset cornering

Reduced Battery Alert
When the battery is low, the GPS tracking will trigger a low battery alert. Alert message will probably be uploaded to backstage (if that function is triggered by Program or stage )

Jimi GV20 3G GPS finder will deliver motion alarm when vehicle transfers outside the preset space (if ACC is away and GPS is repaired )

When the automobile flashed on several occasions, the vibration alert will be triggered. If no ignition after 3 minutes (ACC OFF), the device will ship vibration alert message instantly

When the light detector detects unauthorized displacement in the first setup, the apparatus will ship alert to SOS number. The alert procedure from being SMS, CALL or even GPRS. The defaulted procedure is GPRS.


  • Remote Cut-off Oil/Power
  • Multiple Intelligent Alarms
  • Geo-Fence & 180 Track Playback
  • Professional Program / Web Platform


  • Nothing Found Yet

GPS monitoring devices for automobiles are getting to be ever more common. Car owners might want to monitor their cars for many factors. Maybe they are scared of automobile theft and need the very best chance at being able to discover their automobile if someone steals it.

Furthermore, if multiple men and women use the identical automobile, the operator might want to monitor where the car was how long it was traveling. If you prefer to keep maintenance records or find out about the operation history of your car or truck, then a monitoring device is the optimal solution. Here are the very best GPS trackers for automobiles in the marketplace these days.

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