Fireproof Bag: A Large Fireproof Document Bag

Fireproof Bag: A Large Fireproof Document Bag

Thomas & Bond Extra Large Fireproof Bag

In order to ensure the safety of your valuables, you should select the best product which belongs possible all features for uncertainty protection capability. The fireproof bag can bring a step ahead to protect your valuables from burning as well as water-resistant capability.

Things to consider to select a fireproof bag


Size: The size should be large enough to comfortably accommodate your documents, Certificates, laptop, and other valuables accessories. You also should consider the charger, cellphone, wallet, glasses & keys are our daily products to bring with us.

Weight: Weight plays a vital role if you are traveling a long way, if its heavy enough with the singe bag, it might difficult to move around easily. So, it should be lightweight enough to carry.

Material And Durability: We believe the level of protection of your precious documents, files, laptops and etc. offers is one of the most vital aspects of its purpose. Your valuables need not only carrying but also from uncertain occurrences. For fireproof bag, the material should be fireproof (mandatory), besides it also not be harmful to our valuables. We always prefer a durable and modern product.

Some other considerable options you can focus: Handles, Straps, price and etc. to select the best fireproof document bag. Here, we’ll discuss one of the best fireproof pouches you may have a look at the details.


Basically this bag offers a perfect solution for your valuables for ensuring fire safety and security. They offer you double-layered FIBERGLASS which indicates that withstand temperatures as high as 2000°F. It’s 18 Inch width space can swallow up huge files without having to fold or bend any of your documents or files.

The basic feature of the Thomas & Bond ‘s Fireproof pouch

✔Larger space: Dimensions (L x W): 17″x12″x5″
✔20% LARGER than another large fireproof Document bag
✔100% fireproof document bag
✔Weight: 1.28 Pounds (shipping 1.4 Pounds)
✔Color: Black
✔Inside Smell: No awful smell
✔Strong Velcro with Zipper
✔Prime quality silicone coated fiberglass material.
✔Non-itching, non-irritating
✔Smart, fashionable, flexible and easy to handle

If you are searching for a large size fireproof bag, so this bag will be the best fit to select. Whether you are traveling to work, the airport, or anywhere else entirely, this is a good size and basically this product will ensure you the peace of mind as well.

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