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ROLOWAY Fireproof Document Bag, Review

ROLOWAY is a manufacturer of the fireproof document bag. This brand holds a great reputation for offering such a great design of the bag which is ideal for both men and women and can be used for bringing office bag, Notebook/netbook bag, and School or college bag, etc.

Why ROLOWAY fireproof document bag?

fireproof document bag

Do you know? the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) estimates the cumulative damage of last year’s (2017) floods, fires, and other weather events was $306.2 billion. More than 50% of residential fires caused by cooking, followed by careless or unintentional actions.

Have you ever wondered what can happen to your important documents if the house is on fire?

Best fireproof Document bags can ensure safety in case of any uncertain natural disasters.

roloway Fireproof Document Bag

You may run to save the lives of your family members but anybody hardly remembers or has any time to retrieve all the important documents. As a result, they often end up losing them and have to run around later for getting duplicates made. Awareness and preventive measures can reduce the damage, save lives and belongings significantly. Keep your valuable and priceless stuff in a secure place or in a fireproof case like ROLOWAY.

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Remember the combination of small or large size fireproof bag and a SAFE place or box is the best solution of keeping your belongings safe.

Design & Materials:

ROLOWAY fireproof document bag size 15 inches of length, 12 inches of height as well as 5 inches of depth and the weights around 1.35 pounds which is so light enough to carry everywhere. This fireproof bag is silver in color and made with Silicone fiberglass which really helps your valuable documents safe from fireproof and water resistance.

With the result of SGS TEST: UL94 VTM-0 has got the verification of the bag. Besides, this fireproof bag can easily stand temperatures as high as 2000°F, so it really helps to keep your document safe. Double layer silicone coated fiberglass helps to make it water-resistant. As a result, your documents should be fully safe and secure in terms of fireproof and water resistance.

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For using advanced technology for creating non-itchy silicone on fiberglass cloth, this fireproof bag is unique to others because you don’t need any gloves or shoulder strap to carry. Due to the lightweight, this fireproof cash bag is very flexible to carry all-around.

Comfort and use:

Due to the extra-large (15 inches length), you can put any value in this fireproof bag I, e: cash, jewelry, passport, birth certificates, academic papers, your legal papers, agreements, iPods, or any official papers as well. You can fold the bag and keep these documents safe and secure, using best home safes.

Extra features:   

This bag is unisex and which is the best fit for both male and female users. It’s double Lear material and this adjustable strap helps to carry the bag too easily. For the students, this bag can be ideal for using, besides, office goers and business persons always have to carry valuable documents everywhere, so it can be ideal choice for ensuring the security of your documents.  

Specification at a glance: 

✔100% fireproof document bag
✔Larger space: Dimensions (L x W): 15″x12″x5″
✔Weight: 1.28 Pounds (shipping 1.35 Pounds)
✔Color: Silver
✔Inside Smell: No awful smell
✔Strong Velcro with Zipper
✔Prime quality silicone coated fiberglass material. Outer and inner layers
can endure up to 2000 ℉.
✔Non-itching, non-irritating
✔Smart, fashionable, flexible and easy to handle

Final Words

This fireproof bag is really affordable as well as can make a powerful style statement. The seller of the bag offers great customer service after the purchase stage; they offer lifetime services to the customers.

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